Falegnameria Ennio Lot only uses wood coming from areas with a planned reforestation, adhesives that are free of dangerous substances and water-soluble paints.

It strongly believes in research, development, technology and experimentation of new eco -friendly solutions.

For this reason, it recommends replacing the old fixtures that create energy losses with new, more performing windows, taking advantage of the 65% fiscal deduction for energy requalification.

The advantages are manifold: thanks to this fiscal benefit, doors and windows cost less than half and moreover, the costs of heating and cooling the home are reduced. Falegnameria Ennio Lot deals with all the procedures for requesting the tax deduction.

No more worries … only benefits that last over time.

Guide to Tax Deductions

The tax deduction of 50% for the replacement of the fixtures for 2018 has moreover been extended.

Falegnameria Ennio Lot replaces the old fixtures within a day without building and masonry works.